Tara West

Co-Founder of Scarf & Blazer

Kristin Prentice

Co-Founder of Scarf & Blazer

Meet us: Tara Jo West and Kristin Prentice, founders of Scarf & Blazer.

Kristin is a Financial Advisor, Wife, advocate for women’s rights, and a giver of so much unsolicited advice.

Tara is a Hospitality Sales Professional, world traveler, and is currently single, independent, and don’t need no man.

We have built Scarf & Blazer with the mission to empower other women, promote inclusion, inspire others to be their true selves, and laugh every damn day.

We met in 2013 when we were volunteering together. Kristin immediately knew that Tara was one of her people…Tara was less sure of Kristin. After a few weeks of solid stalking, somehow Kristin won her over.

The idea behind Scarf & Blazer started as a joke when we were motivating each other by meeting up for workouts. “Wow,” we would say. “We’re just #SoFit right now.” In reality we knew that we were not the fittest people ever, but we felt good about ourselves in those moments. We were working hard to improve our self images and recognized our female friends were struggling to do the same. Cheering ourselves on with our “#SoFit” mantra gave us a feeling we wanted to hold onto — and Tara was adamant others would want to feel the same way.

“We should make a T-shirt,” she’d say.

“You’re crazy,” Kristin would say back.

Before we knew it, things had come full circle and Tara won Kristin over. From there, a single T-shirt turned into an entire apparel company motivated by being comfortable in your own skin and being proud of who you are.

Even our logo is a nod to our commitment to inclusion — the 4 Ampersands (& signs) have a big meaning to us — the idea of Me & Her & You & Them & Everyone is a daily reminder to us that everyone deserves to be empowered, included, inspired, and to laugh every damn day.

Thank you for visiting — and being one of our people.

“We recognize that being ‘fit’ is different for everyone and ultimately I know that this booty will never fit in a size 6 pant, but I don't let that define me, and others shouldn't either.”
Tara Jo West
Co-Founder of Scarf & Blazer