As small business owners ourselves, we understand the importance of getting your business in front of others. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL.

Want to add your logo to a S&B shirt design? We can do that. Want to create your own custom shirt with your logo on it? We can do that, too. We can create a custom URL for you to sell the shirts or you can pre-order shirts to sell in your space and we’ll even share a portion of the profits with you directly.

Tara and Kristin met volunteering together and finding ways to give back to our community will always be important to us. We will do this in a multitude of ways:

S&B Gives Back Series:

We are creating a series specifically to fundraise for non-profits in the Charlotte, NC area. We will design a new shirt every 3 months where 20% of proceeds will be donated back directly to the organization. We will also feature information on your organization in the shirt’s description.

For Individual Fundraisers:

For volunteers who are fundraising for a specific event or purpose, we will help you to create a custom design to sell with a personalized URL and 50% of the proceeds will go directly to your fundraiser.

S&B Loves Art Series:

Are you a painter, designer, photographer, or just someone who has talent? Looking for new ways to showcase your work? We want to help. Every 3 months, we will feature a signature artist and put your design on a shirt and we will give YOU 20% of proceeds to help fund your future projects. We will also feature information about you and your art in the shirt’s description.

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